Jumat, 09 Mei 2008

Aztec God #5 - Cihuacoatl

Cihuacoatl ( "snake woman", so Chihucoatl, Ciucoatl) was one of the patroness for motherhood and fertility.
Cihuacoatl is related to midwives, and associated with sweatbaths as a practice medium for midwives. She and Quetzalcoatl create the human race nowadays from the bones of the previous races, and then mixed it with Quetzalcoatl blood. She gave birth to Mixcoatl, who was left behind at a crossroads. It was told that she often returns to cry for his long lost son, but what she find is only a sacrificial knife.

Even if she always described as a young woman that looked more like Xochiquetzal, it is frequently presented as a fierce skull face-old woman. Delivery by a woman is sometimes compared to a battle and women who died in labor were honored similar to fallen warriors.

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